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     Environmental Toxin and Dogs/ Degenerative Diseases, Cancer, Allergies
We promote awareness of toxic chemicals, found in many rubber and plastic dog toys. These chmicals are known to cause endocrines disorders, cancer, allergies, intestinal illness, autoimmune  and degenerative diseases. If it can't go into a human babies mouth then our Chihuahuas do not chew on it! Having mild OCD has it benefits when raising dogs. We buy our dogs organic cotton toys. Any rubber toys we ensure are BPA free. We use real lambs wool from "Holy Lambs Organics" and natural rubber foam pads placed inside of zipper cotton cushions for our dog beds. Non toxic alternatives for our pets are becoming easier to find.

Oct 23 2016
Subject Re: received my puppy Oct 23.2016 
Dear Debra wanted to let you know Baby arrived safely.  She is already the boss of the house .She's very playful and  is eating well. She had her 1st vet visit on Oct .24th here in NJ . Baby Bianca  passed with flying colors. Bianca is adjusting well to us and kissing our faces off as we Kiss hers all up as well. We cant wait for our second puppy from you to arrives in Nov so baby has a friend to grow up with .Since the first time talking to you on the phone about your puppy’s you made me very comfortable. I'm so happy,  I came across your website,  your puppy  are beautiful  and I can see why because  your a excellent breeder and very honest also. Please feel free to use me as a reference for those who live in the New Jersey  area or elsewhere. Thank you for the happiness  Lorraine Santos
Date: June 2, 2016 at 4:52:32 PM PDT
I purchased a beautiful chi from Debra, her name is missy.The breeder was very informative on how to care for this tiny girl.   At first everyone feels nervous about purchasing from someone you never heard of however after having a 1 hour conversation I knew I was making the fight decision to buy a chi from her.  The tiny chi is now a whopping 2 lbs and almost 9 months old  debra said she was small but stated she may  reach 3 lbs  however no one can guarantee the size of a chi however this little girl is tiny.   When the little chi arrived I she was so excited to meet her forever family. I had a bottle of goats milk ready for  her and some gerber turkey baby food.  I have had her now 5 months and so happy.  My chi is 100 percent trained.  When  missy arrived she was about 95 percent trained with an occasional accident  Debra did a superior job paper training  I just picked up where she left off.  In conclusion i absolutely would recommend your  pups to anyone who wants a beautiful tiny show type of pup bread from temperament as well as beauty.   If anyone has any reservations or concerns you can feel at ease with this breeder.   Cheryl Rosenthal Atlantic Beach Ny
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Yet dog breeders produce LIVES of puppies without any credentials to prove competency. So you have to worry about the experience of the Breeder you buy from.  How much more dangerous is ot for you to buy from a person who doesn't even breed dogs, like a Broker,  Early onset autoimmune and degenerative diseases are  due to weak puppies bred from stressed, malnutrition, adults. Breeders who produce lives should have knowledge of canine genetics, microbiology, parasitology and pathology! How else will you receive a healthy puppy. I have many articles written about Chihuahuas. Check out the  Six Vital Things every puppy owner should know. Articles on Puppycare, feeding, training, vaccinating, health, illnesses, safe purchase, and more.
Over 100 references on this website. Newest ones are located bottom of each puppy for sale page. Here are a couple samples below.Links at top of page for more.
Merle Chihuahua
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Browse our Chihuahua Puppies and you will see some of the highest quality Chihuahuas in the world! We devote to ONE breed and are a Specialist in the care of Teacup Chihuahuas.Call or text us today for more information. We safely fly puppies once they are at least 3 monthsOur unique special appearance and smaller size are consistent. We started with gorgeous champions and then e spent years breeding down size since Champions are fuller sized. Our prices are unbeatable for the quality and  look. Our Chihuahua puppies arrive to you advanced or fully  potty trained. As our Chihuahua  puppies mature, they keep the dollface as adults.

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Kennel owners sell their puppies cheaply to Petshops and online Brokers who mark the prices up  5 times or more. Such online petshops are EASY to spot since they sell several different breeds, because they deal with multiple puppymills. These puppymill kennel owners are able to hide from public view by selling to Petshops. Buying from a Petshop supports these hidden kennels and the horrible environments which cause the owners to wish to remain sheltered from view. Consider your  purchase from real Chihuahua Breeders who sell their own puppies. Chihuahuas Breeders are devoted  to Chihuahuas  and offer thier special experience to you.
       Our  Dollface Chihuahua Puppies  keep the DOLLFACE as ADULTS!
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The adult male above is my Ben Jr. He is the Sire of MY puppies. I do not stud him out. Many people have contacted me saying he is the Sire of their puppies. Some dishonest breeders are emailing his pictures out claiming he is the Sire of their litters of puppies. Ben lives here and  he guarantees me no hanky panky!
I am a person who does feline rescue activities.  I participate in TNR and feeding. I do not receive financial aid from any rescue organization. Yearly I spend thousands of my own money I make from selling puppies to pay for rescues surgeries and medical care. Of course healthy ones get adopted, so people like me end up with the unadoptables who require special diets and medical care.
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