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I am a sixty year old experienced senior with 50 year history of devotion to animal rescue, both domestic and wild. Such was my natural born skill as a child and teenager at helping animals that my adult neighbors would bring me their  pets to ask my opinion before going to their Veterinarian.
One example from my personal rescue history was is that an epidemic of botulism that was killing waterbirds at a local lake. I saw no signs of a rescue organization ( this was 39 years ago).  I observed  for a few days and all I could see was the city  routinely collected dead bodies. I started carting dozens of ill ducks, ducklings and geese to my home  where I had set up a hospital in my garage. I saved several dozens with my own remedies, tube feedings, and humidified air with gentle pumps to aid weakened breathing. I led dozens of healed birds back to the lake after several days of treatment. My recovery rate was nearly 100 percent, so I will never understand why local rescue efforts were absent.
As a youngster I spent much of my life in hospitals. I had an intense interest in the medical field and the doctors indulged it by supplying me with their medical manuals. Besides my love of animals, I had a love of reading where books carried me away from my illness. Despite my health issues I was able to have children, but the pregnancies brought out autoimmune disease. Upon the passing of my young  husband from cancer, I bought a poodle puppy to help relieve some of the pain from my children's hearts . It was my pre teen daughter who had the idea of breeding dogs due to the comfort our puppy had brought to us. My husband and I had saved several thousand dollars which I used  to  purchase champion Chihuahua from around the United States. I was able to work in the comfort of my home, where I could also attend to my health. I continue to  person rescue with focus on TNR with felines.
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       Dog Breeders Not Required  To Prove Competency To Produce Life
Veterinarians must study for 8 years in an accredited school before they can give a puppy a simple shot. Yet, dog breeders produce LIVES of puppies without any credentials to prove competency. The medical treatment of a young adult dog with early degenerative disease may be due to unethical dog brokering and careless dog breeders who have no knowledge of canine genetics, microbiology, parasitology and pathology' It should matter who you choose to purchase from.We  offer many informative articles on several subjects on his website
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            Happiness+ Sound lines +  Nutrition = Healthy Offspring
Mother dogs fed a nutritious diet BEFORE pregnancy and provided a happy environment do not produce excessive levels of  stress hormone"cortisone". Stress hormones could harm growing puppy embryos. Poor diet, combined with unhappiness of the Dam results in organ weakness in  puppies.  Dogs living under poor conditions enduring  inadequate nutrition and constant stress suffer from adrenal exhaustion. Such a condition of the mother leads to organ weakness in her developing puppy embryos. Puppies that manage to survive to adulthood suffer from allergies, temperament flaws, juvenile and early adult degenerative disease.
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Have you seen the epidemic of photoshop puppy pictures?

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                      COMMON SCAMS- BAIT THEY USE
Stolen puppy pictures of the most beautifyl  puppies  with low price. This is the bait they use to lure you. AGAIN- Photos of the most expensive looking puppies and they put rock bottom prices. This is the way they bait.
They do not have puppies! Do not fall for such a easy scam to avoid. Eventually they are going to raise the prices as the public learns the high quality photos + low prices = scammer.  You will have to ask for a security paper with your name and date placed in the photo with the puppy. Haha No puppy so they won't be able to accomplish what you are requesting.
Photo shopped pictures misrepresenting true looks. The  puppies look very weird. Enlarged eyes, cropped muzzles/ body lengths. Demand Movies
Young Puppies Passed off as 3 months olds. Little babies with no teeth or just starting to show teeth are passed off as older Teacups. Check my page with a few tips on how to identify a baby pupies true age. HERE

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